En Plein Air Watercolors

The technique of “en plein air” is a french expression which means “in the open air” and is used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Tom Tompson and the Group of Seven are examples of  en plein air advocates, as are many painters from the Banff area over the last century. Ian Brown of the Globe and Mail comments that Alex Emond’s painting is “the work of a private and personal practice”. Taking on the challenges of painting in the rugged expanse of Banff National Park, Alex has spent cumulative years capturing the changing light, the grandeur and the mystery of the world around him.

Scanned-image-1 2

Cascade and Aspens  14×20 SOLD

The North Saskatchewan Glacier 14x20

The North Saskatchewan Glacier 14×20 SOLD

Crowfoot Glacier 14x20

Crowfoot Glacier 14×20 SOLD


Athabasca from Wilcox Pass   SOLD

Sweatlodge on the Kootenay Plains 14x20

Sweat Lodge on the Kootenay Plains 14×20  $650 Framed


Winter Rock Face SOLD

The Castleguard Meadows 14x20

The Castleguard Meadows  14×20 SOLD


Banff Valley  SOLD


Skoki Cabin SOLD

Five Aspens 10x14

Five Aspens 10×14 SOLD

Tanglewood in Banff 21x30

Tanglewood in Banff 21×30 SOLD


Mount Richardson  SOLD

Near Molar Pass 14X20

Near Molar Pass 14×20 SOLD

Banff Train Station 14x20

Banff Train Station 14×20 SOLD

Alpine Camp

Alpine Camp 14×20  SOLD

mt temple

Mt Temple SOLD


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